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Floor Services
Floor Services

The FLOOR HERO proprietary resurfacing process provides you with the most cost effective method of maintaining solid, pre-finished or engineered wood floors. There simply is no better way. Homeowners can have the complete job done in one day without any mess or lingering odor. Our techs will even move your furniture if you wish for a small fee. And if you are a business owner or manage a commercial property, we can come in after hours and have your floors ready by opening time the following day.

Completely Dust Free Process

We do not sand floors, but instead buff them with a high speed buffer that removes scuffs and scratches from the surface. Everyday wear and tear is eliminated through the buffing process that prepares the floor for re-coating.

Then the beauty is restored with a new coat of odorless polyurethane that brings your floor back to it’s original looking finish. Our protective coating is a non-yellowing finish that will also block harmful UV rays that discolor and damage floors.

Once the restoration is complete, you can simply care for your floor by keeping it clean with just a simple wood floor cleaner. The complete buffing and re-coating process only takes 1 day!

Revolutionary Low Cost!

Our FLOOR HERO services are in high demand as more and more homeowners choose to restore their wood floors rather than spend a small fortune to replace them. Traditional re-sands can cost up to 4 times as much as our proprietary treatment. Our revolutionary system revitalizes a wood floor without taking any wood off the floor. We can also treat and provide discolored spot repair too when necessary!

Floor Services Floor Services

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Floor Hero® rapid refinishing and polishing of residential and commercial wood floors.
Floor Services Floor Services Floor Services Floor Services